KCS 7th Grade Fund Raiser

We hope you’ll help spread the word and join us this Spring in supporting our local Keyport Central School! Purchase a Drop in and come be our guest during the week of April 17-21 as proceeds will support this years 7th grade class! Drop in and reserve for any regular class on our schedule that week OR for our exclusive BOE/Parent/Teacher/Student private mindful movement and meditation class April 17th at 4:30!

We have loved supporting our towns school since 2014, have fundraised for the graduating class in the past and this year we are happy and excited to support our 7th grade needs. As my little man is a 7th grader now I hold this one extra close to my heart and I/we all thank you for joining us or doing whatever you can. Thank you in advance for supporting our community

What is Mindfulness

Join Cat Galli  Apr 29 @ 11am  for a brief intro to what is mindfulness and how can it alleviate stress, exercise the mind, decrease anxiety, depression, and disease span & increase our health span!

Mid-Day Mindful Minutes

With just 12 minutes a day Mon-Fri change not only your relationship to stress but it’s detrimental affects on your actual physical body. Down to the cellular level!

Join me and we’ll cultivate a practice where we accept stress as a challenge not a threat, and learn to respond rather than react.

Offering this low Introductory offer of just $20 a month with a 3 month commitment because we want this affordable to all.  This commitment is only meant to hold you accountable, to help keep you consistent with your practice, as we know if you really want to change your life both physically and emotionally then true consistency is critical for success.

You must make the time in order to create a habit and real change. Make 2023 thE time to commit to you and your wellbeing! Can’t wait to “see” you regularly!

Meet me virtually wherever you are at noon for just 12 minutes a day & take control over how you age, support & lengthen your health span & decrease your stress & disease span!
~Cat Galli

Stress Free Teens Myndful Movement Stress Reduction Clinic

Stress Free Body Teens Myndful Movement Stress Reduction Clinic.

Mondays 4:30pm, $149 Investment in your teen

Includes exclusive personal self care welcome package $56 Value

1st series Oct 3-Oct242nd series Nov 7th-Oct283rd series Dec 5th-(no class on the 26th-Jan 2nd

Over 3 decades ago I began my yoga journey as a sophomore in high school. And when first asked back in 2010 during my yoga teacher training, What is yoga? I responded simply “Yoga is a way of life” So much more than just the physical practice, through the years I owe MY levelheadedness, MY ability to respond rather than react, MY own self love and compassion for others MY own inner peace and good health to yoga and mindfulness.

Our MYndful Movement series is so much more than physical movement.

 We’ll cultivate the 9 attitudes of mindfulness, and get in touch and fully connected back to our whole self and what it means to be human. Through the senses & multiple body awareness techniques including movement & self massage modalities we’ll  help break up and ease physical tension in both body and mind.

Building mental muscle & clarity through mindfulness meditation we’ll utilize multiple tools available to help bring one in wise relationship with self & all their stress. This connection & balance is at the forefront and backbone of everything we do.

Not only is Catherine a NY/NJ active Licensed massage therapist since 2001  a graduate from the Swedish Institute/NYC with degree in Occupational Studies. -She has also been practicing mindful meditation for many years.

Reading, listening & signing up for Jon Kabat-Zinn talks through the years has been the catalyst for her signing up for a week long retreat “COMING TO OUR SENSES Healing Ourselves & the World Through Mindfulness” Soon after she completed her first 8 week MBSR Program from UMASS Memorial Health Care Center for Mindfulness in 20019, which later led to successfully obtaining her badge from Brown University upon completing Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Foundations course spring of 2022.

I have been fortunate enough over the years to live my dream by paying it forward, not only here at SFB, but spreading mindfulness in our local public schools.

Stress Free Teens will receive the coping skills through mindful awareness to grow into a wiser relationship with all the stress we are meant to endure, just with less anxiety and depression and more confidence, clarity and understanding.

Keyport Wellness Walk 9/24

Join Us For Keyports 2nd Annual Wellness Walk!

We are SO excited for all of our Stress Free Body Special Events scheduled for the day! This is a wonderful opportunity to share with your friends and family!

Be sure to visit the KBBC tent across the street at the mini park and grab your swag bag, (while supplies last!) & stroll the towns participating wellness shops!

Looking to spend your Keyport Kash with us?  Not only is it accepted toward any already reduced sale items/apparel but We'll match it for the day toward any new membership sign up and/or booked future Massage &/or Reiki Service! BOOM! Can't help but fall in love stress free this Fall!

This is a rain or shine event, space is limited in studio so reserve for whatever interests you on our website or through the Mind Body app to secure your spot & we ask that you please cancel your reservation if something comes up and you are unable to attend as interest is high.
Check Out the days ENTIRE line up 9-5:30pm:



Release tension in hips, Legs

Neck & shoulders




Gentle movement & Guided Meditation



EXPERIENCE the power of healing hands + Tibetan & Crystal Bowls

tuned-432 hErtz!


YogAmythest FLOW 

Join special guest from Keyports own Heavens Earth followed by a healing & strengthening amethyst Yoga flow Class!




at the Mini Park Stage


Gain inner & outer strength! Align body, mind & baby, create a PEACEFUL environment for Both to grow!



Join Cat Galli for a brief intro to mindfulness and how it can alleviate stress.






with Special Guest

Alicia Zink




Special Guest

Dr. Nisha Word

Radiation Oncologist


Be in wise relationship with body, mind & spirits!

Highlighting there are healthy outlets to help cope, deal and face life’s hardships that don’t actually involve alcohol.

Celebrate the success of the day!

New Beginner Series

For beginners, those looking to refresh or just move more mindfully. Saturdays 9:30 foundations class is Open  to all Members, drop in‘s, or for those wishing to commit & SAVE sign up for the series!

Starts June 25th and runs till July 30th.

Keyport Waterfront Yoga & Tai Chi


Classes begin Saturday June 18th, Runs till Labor Day! (If Rain, makeup dates TBD)
Feel free to print out application online at home and drop off at borough hall in white drop box in main entrance *Attn Denise Nellis*

Reduce stress, calm anxiety, relieve depression, strengthen both body and mindwith Stress Free Body. Roll out your mat along the grass for some Stress FreeOpen-air yoga! All Summer feel the sun, enjoy the water view, and atmosphere.Afterwards stroll, sip or eat at our many great shops & restaurants!

Season Pass:  June 18th - Sept 3rd  ($50 for Yoga or Tai Chi)

Yoga: Saturdays 8am &  Tuesdays 6:3opm  Download Yoga Application & Waiver

Tai Chi: Fridays 8am Download Tai-Chi Application & Waiver

Life is Stressful, it's supposed to be. We know the body benefits from movement and the mind benefits from stillness. We are here for you to choose healthy outlets to help you cope, deal, and grow through all of life's stressors.

New Stress Free Massage Therapy Facial

Our signature Stress Free Massage Therapy Facial performed by experienced state licensed massage therapists, promotes more oxygen to head, face & brain!

Specific techniques are applied, obtaining a more sufficient blood supply which is key to Fountain of Youth Aging!

We Combined this with C L E A N, Organic, anti aging skin care products. We pride ourselves on the fact that they are 100% Vegan, GMO-Free, Cruelty Free AND Free of parabens, sulfates, petrolatum, mineral oils, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfates!

Truly a clean stress free facial!

Stress Free Massage Therapy Facial