Covid-19 Response

We exist to support you and we appreciate Your support 
We understand these are in fact tough, stressful, challenging times for all. We are here for you as we were before with all classes live online.

*** Please continue to put value on your well-being, so that you can cope with all of life’s struggles.  Your body, your mind, your spirit needs and deserves your attention, especially during times like these. Your stress free body was and always will be our top priority.  We’re here to keep your immunity up, your mind at ease and your spirit free!

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PRICES CUT IN HALF on Class Packs!  
All class packs are good for virtual AND in studio classes.
Meditation class packs here
Yoga class packs here

Also 50% OFF 🌸 Yearly Membership auto pay while we practice social distancing.
Yearly Membership Signup is here be sure to use promo code SFB5020! at checkout.In gratitude and good faith as a thank you once our doors swing back open we will continue your auto pay discounted rate for 2 extended months as well as gift a 3 month pass for a friend.

🌈 Keep in mind auto pay members this is a great time to use your 5 guest passes! Gift a free class to someone you know needs/deserves it! Just email us their name email and number.

🌿🌸If your contract is up or nearing it’s end we hope you will consider renewing and take advantage of our 🌿SPRING SALE🌸

Covid-19 Metta Pass
FREE classes available in honor of and for ALL on the front line including all healthcare workers, our military, our first responders, and ANYONE in hardship at this time who would like to turn to Stress Free Body for peace and good health. Please share with with those in need.

class pass here 

How do I take class from Home

ALL & ANY student from 🌍ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD 🌏who wishes to take class with us now can! 1st-Just visit our website and purchase classes as normal, New students sign up for 2 weeks unlimited classes for just $20! 2nd-Look at our schedule and reserve which classes you would like to schedule for either from our website or through the mind body app! 3rd-Download latest FREE version of zoom.

Then take CLASS AT hOMe…

It’s as EASY as 1 2 3 signing up for your online class…

🧘🏻‍♀️Step 1: sign up on MindBody, like you always do and reserve your spot in class. We ask that you do so as soon as possible (you are able to reserve your spot days in advance) and no later than an hour before class.
🧘🏽Step 2- Wait for your email with a zoom link from us to sign into class.(***Please note this will not happen automatically and can take as long as up to an hour before class starts)
🧘🏼‍♂️Step 3 -Use link to arrive at class! Classes plan to start on time so give yourself a few minutes before to set up your area of practice at home and your computer. Make sure your video and audio is working. ***Please note if you are not one who typically reserves your spot ahead of time in class through our website or mind-body you will need to do so from now on just download the mind-body app and select Stress Free Body as your studio!

Stress Free Body At Home

Our roots are firmly rooted as our tree wavers in this storm, and because it is what we do every day we are at ease and prepared and OK with NOT being “in control”. It is in times like these it’s even more important to practice and to find your center in the midst of chaos.

Your peace and good heath is truly the essence of why we are here and will continue to be here for you!

Online classes have already begun as of Monday 3/16/20 and what a great full day of classes! Our schedule is currently staying the same, however online classes may be subject to change. Please bear with us as we roll with these punches and iron out any wrinkles. Most Importantly Stay calm, witness what is unfolding without getting lost in it. And yes, please let this virus bring out the best in us not the worst.
Namaste ~Cat

Stress Free Body of the Season

Happy Fall! Check out Judy! At 77 years young & wise, we truly enjoy her beautiful presence and dedication to her practice here at stress free body and happy to honor her as “Our Stress Free Body Of The Season!!” Congratulations to Judy on being our very first honoree you have and continue to be an inspiration to all!!

Get to know Judy

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I have been retired for 11 years from my job as a pension actuary. My husband and I enjoy our families, our friends, and traveling.

2. What brought you to Yoga/Meditation/Tai Chi?

I initially tried Yoga years ago after reading a book about 2 elderly sisters who did Yoga every day. They lived to be 105 and 106! One of them had a hip replacement and was very soon up and helping the weaker ladies on her hospital ward.

3. What brought you to Stress Free Body?

This year I had been doing Yoga in Las Vegas for 2 months and in Virginia for a month while staying with my sister. Once back in NJ, I saw the sign for two weeks unlimited at a bargain price while walking past and I joined. So glad I did!

4. How Would you say your practice has evolved over time from the beginning to now?

Flexibility was never my strong point. Even as a kid I was not flexible. I have gained strength and flexibility in my practice.

5. Do you feel yoga/meditation/tai chi impacts your life at all off the mat? How?

Yoga definitely affects my life outside the studio. I have energy and strength. I was borderline Osteoporosis and my bone density test was better after doing yoga almost every day!

6. Favorite Stress Free Moment?

Favorite Stress Free moment? Hard to say since there are many. I enjoy Alice and her Reiki practice as well as Marlene’s classes. Jackie’s class is challenging but I think I keep up, while not at the pace she sets! Cat’s classes always begin with her asking how we are feeling – makes us get in touch with our bodies.

Fall Schedule In Effect!

With 20 classes to choose from in a week! Includes Yoga, Meditation & Tai Chi! Pre Natal Friendly Classes, Baby & Me, Basic, Beginner, Power, Gentle, Restorative, Mobility & Self Massage! Open/all level classes!

PLUS baby sitting services during your Monday & Wednesday 9:30 class!

Stress Free Summer book club!

“The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle

Starts Tuesday July 9th-Sept 3rd 8:15pm, meets every other week for a total of 5 gatherings.  Please have the first two chapters read  when we meet for the first time on July 9th.

We’re Excited to just sit together and chat, while we discuss “The Power Of Now” and enjoy some light fare and refreshments! We’ll take a few minutes each meeting to reconnect to our body, mind and spirit. Each week we’ll focus on a particular body part, maybe we’ll stretch out our backs, or open up our shoulders, learn some self massage techniques, roll out our feet, squeeze in a mindful mediation or some Pranayama, conscious breath work.  Book clubs never felt so good!


Keyport Rec Water Front Yoga

Stress Free Body is excited to currently partnering up with Keyport Rec providing Yoga classes down at the waterfront every Sunday 8am, Tuesdays 7pm beginning June 23running till August 25 Just $50 for the entire season! Roll out your mat along the grass for some stress-free open air yoga! Allow the shadows of your own bridge pose cascade amongst the Outer Bridge and Verrazano backdrop at the Beautiful Keyport Waterfront!

See link below for registration form and meet us down by the gazebo with your mat, water and sunscreen! Please complete registration form and have checks made out to the borough of Keyport which can be dropped off at the borough or Stress Free Body for your convenience.

Registration Form

Keyport Waterfront

DOGA with Gina Brownfeld

DOGA with Gina Brownfeld
Thursday, June 20, 2019 6-7pm
Early Bird Registration through May 15 $15, After May 15th $20

We look forward to welcoming your dog and people-friendly pups!
Join us for an hour of yoga, barks, and laughs!

New Student Special $20

New Student Special $20 Need to reduce stress, chronic pain, combat arthritis, headaches, insomnia? Dr. tell you you need to lower your blood pressure? Increase flexibility, mobility correct posture? Or just curious about stepping into our space? Not sure where to start, which class to take? Try them all, Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi all beginner friendly and some more challenging! We’re excited to offer you this one time New Student offer $20 for two weeks unlimited classes! With our beautiful variety of teachers there’s someone here for everyone! Come on in and begin your Stress Free journey!

Have a friend who needs to reduce stress? Share our New Student Special $20 or if you would like to give this as an amazing gift give us a call and we’ll hook it up!