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Whether you are young or old, overweight or fit, Yoga has the power to calm the mind and strengthen the body. Don't be intimidated, Yoga is for everyone. Yoga-Sanskrit meaning union or to join. Through Asana (poses) we connect our breath to movement, build strength and learn to be at peace amongst chaos. Align body, mind & spirit with Yoga.

Tai Chi

Today there is medical research to back up this ancient form of healing moving meditation. It's yin and yang moves and breath work help to unite the body, mind and spirit. By shifting our internal energy and mindfulness we create profound positive results on our overall health.

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Meditation is vital to help combat stress. Although we cannot always control the path, we can adjust the sails and redirect how we flow through the turbulence. Meditate and learn to respond to life rather than react to it.

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Angelic Vibrational Toning

  Experience a healing journey as you receive Pure Source toning. Relax and receive as you soften into an ethereal […]

Waterfront Yoga & Tai Chi – 2024

Yoga, Tai Chi & Meditation at the Keyport Waterfront! Providing Health & Wellness In Both Body and Mind To Our […]

Warrior Workout

  Dates : 5/4 , 5/18, 6/1 , 6/15 Ladies Step into our Yang Intro to Martial Arts & Kickboxing […]

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I’m so glad I found this studio! It is a gorgeous space- very welcoming and non-intimidating. The owner is friendly, engaging and knowledgeable. Awesome teachers and reiki/massage available too- LOVE this place!

Morgan Vento rates StressFreeBody 5 Stars on Google September 2019

This is such a wonderful yoga studio! First of all—it’s beautifully decorated and in a perfect location with views of the water. I just love the spacious room and the vibe is welcoming, calm, joyful and the teachers are superb! Love this yoga studio. Do yourself a favor and take one class—you will totally be back for more!!

Monica Dempsey rates StressFreeBody 5 Stars on Google September 2019

You walk in and feel like your transported to a different world of zen relaxation! Catherine the owner is fabulous. One of the most tranquil and beautiful spaces in Keyport. Love the family /community atmosphere- welcoming to even beginners. And they have KIDS YOGA!!!

Tara Geraghty rates StressFreeBody 5 Stars on Google January 2019

This is a great new addition to Keyport. I’ve been going once or twice a week since they opened and the instructors have all been awesome. I especially like Alice and try to go to her classes. The space is very tastefully done and you can’t beat the water view.

Patrick Moroney rates StressFreeBody 5 Stars on Google January 2019

Excellent studio with multiple levels of expertise and levels covering Yoga, meditation, and massage programs. I can see a significant increase with my body tone and flexibility. Above all, it helped me reduce my stress during these difficult months of company’s acquisition and its impact on my career. Reinforced in the attended sessions weekly, I would say to myself…”Breathe!”, “Own what you can…Let go of what you cannot control!” Thank you for bring this to Keyport!

Delia McDermott rates StressFreeBody 5 Stars on Google January 2019

Awesome instructors in the perfect setting

Lorraine Martino recommends StressFreeBody on Facebook January 14, 2020

Beautiful space and a peaceful vibe about the whole place! The owner is wonderful!

Jessica Aguirre Velardi recommends StressFreeBody on Facebook January 6, 20202

Beautiful space, awesome instruction.

Rachael Pendleton Fredericks recommends StressFreeBody on November 22, 2019

I’ve been going here now for a year and the experience is exactly what the world needs;gentle loving kindness and great instruction and very patient with people who are limited

Robert Gerber recommends StressFreeBody on Facebook August 6, 2019

I absolutely love Stress Free Body. I’ve done the mobility classes a few times and can’t wait to try out other classes. It’s so much more than just mobility! Everything about the space is calming,,,, the light sounds, the colors, the smells. If you haven’t been yet, you are definitely in for a treat! Highly recommend

Yvonne Giunta Lambros recommends StressFreeBody on Facebook February 19, 2019

Tried my first class last week (the High Noon Reset) and was hooked! Cat is a fantastic instructor. The class focused on mobility, so she started by asking each class member if he/ she had any areas of concern or tightness that needed to be worked on. She was extremely knowledgeable about how to integrate everyone’s concerns and was so patient with a new student like myself. The atmosphere, complete with music, scented candles, and complimentary yoga mats, is very calming and encourages relaxation. I sincerely felt lighter when I left her class and have continued to use some of the poses I learned at home in between classes.

Erin Winters recommends StressFreeBody. on Facebook December 19, 2018

Wonderful gem in Keyport. So happy to have found a great yoga studio. Love the energy here and the friendly teachers. Just what I was looking for.

Monika Moré recommends StressFreeBody. on Facebook November 24, 2018

I was visiting a friend and took class with Cat. My friend and I loved it so much we returned the next day for class with Judy. The space is gorgeous and so relaxing and conducive to an hour of working out. The instructors are devoted and so knowledgeable. I will return when back in town. This is such a necessity to our wellness and helping us move and feel better. KAT

Karen Thompson reviewed StressFreeBody — 5 star on Facebook July 25, 2018

The studio is like no other in this area, and Cat is great!

Michele Mancine Higgins recommends StressFreeBody. on Facebook July 13, 2018

Welcoming, warm and wonderful! A perfect fit for Keyport and everyone that needs good yoga classes. I know one of the instructors(and she’s amazing) and took my first class tonight with Alice. Easy going, gentle and always with a smile. Her restorative class is what you need to unwind and leave the day behind. Just perfect. I would recommend to get the 30 day unlimited pass. Take as many classes as you can – this studio is great. You want to find a studio where you are happy- this is it

Maureen McGuire reviewed StressFreeBody — 5 star on Facebook March 28, 2018

This is truly a beautiful space! Every time I walk in I immediately feel at home and relaxed.

Judy Banks reviewed StressFreeBody — 5 star on Facebook March 1, 2018

Had an amazing time ! Cat is amazing . I felt so welcomed and comfortable . Great place

John Revella reviewed StressFreeBody — 5 star on Facebook February 14, 2018

A beautiful artistic space with wonderful bay views. Cat is an inspiration to all. I purchased the 30 days for $39 and was so nervous to attend my first yoga class (I’ve done at home yoga and a few small workshops, but never anything in a studio). Instructors Allison and Cat made me feel at ease and the fellow attendees were friendly and non-judgmental. The beautiful tin ceiling and bay views are just added bonuses.

Joanne Kelsey reviewed StressFreeBody — 5 star on Facebook January 28, 2018

What a great way to start the day with Cat’s 6 a.m. class! Such a lovely space and a mindful practice.

Dina Eiger Hunt reviewed StressFreeBody — 5 star on Facebook January 23, 2018

This studio is so beautiful and welcoming…and the class was amazing.

Beth Levine White reviewed StressFreeBody — 5 star on Facebook January 22, 2018