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Whether you are young or old, overweight or fit, Yoga has the power to calm the mind and strengthen the body. Don’t be intimidated, Yoga is for everyone. Yoga-Sanskrit meaning union or “to yoke”. Through Asana (poses) we connect our breath to movement, build strength and learn to be at peace amongst chaos. Align body, mind & spirit with Yoga.

Tai Chi

Today there is medical research to back up this ancient form of healing moving meditation. It’s yin and yang moves and breath work help to unite the body, mind and spirit. By shifting our internal energy and mindfulness we create profound positive results on our overall health.

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Meditation is vital to help combat stress. “Although we cannot always control the path, we can adjust the sails and redirect how we flow through the turbulence. Meditate and learn to respond to life rather than react to it.” -Judy Banks

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Stress Free Body of the Season

Maureen has been with us since the very beginning, her dedication to her practice, her transformation, growth and strength have not only been noticed, but admired, enjoyed and applauded. We are beyond grateful you see the value in placing value on you Maureen and over joyed to be a part of your journey! Congratulations again! […]

New Year, New Schedule

We have added 3 new classes! A meditation , A Beginner Tai Chi and a Qigong. Also we have made 2 evening classes time changes.

Asbury Park Press article: Too much stress?

Asbury Park Press article: Too much stress? Keyport business can help

Catherine and Stress Free Body featured in the Asbury Park Press article: Too much stress? Keyport business can help Check out the full Article Here  

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Cat was amazing! She took her time, and knew the right amount of pressure to use. I walked out of there feeling great! Thank you so much! Looking forward to our next appt.


Awesome massage from Katherine this morning! And I made an appt for Shaw chiropractic as well- looking forward to coming back!


Fantastic massage from Cat last evening. Slept like a baby afterwards. Definitely helped me unwind!! Also loosened up my post workout body and relieved my shin splints too. Thanks Cat!


Best massage I ever had and cannot wait to go back. Very reasonably priced too.


I’ve had massaged from Cat before, during, and after my pregnancy. She always changed the massage to suit my needs, and I highly recommend her.


Cat is an amazing massage therapist!!She listened to my concerns and provided customized treatment. Her technique is therapeutic yet relaxing. I would highly recommend Cat


Phenominal! The best ever…she is savvy, caring, and a true healer…have had many massages in many places…some ultra chic…but none come close to Cat! You owe it to yourself to have only the best, and Catherine IS the BEST!

I had my first massage with Cat today and it was amazing! She was able to work through all my knots and tightness …leaving me feeling balanced and relaxed. Her passion and talent are expressed through a positive healing energy! Highly recommend a massage with Cat!

Cat is an extremely well rounded and professional massage therapist. From the minute you step foot into her studio she makes you feel comfortable and shows a sincere interest in your well being. The massage itself was one of the best I have ever experienced. I highly recommend giving Cat a try and guarantee you will make her your go-to masseuse.

I’ve been using Cathy for about 10 years now. I’m from Staten Island & she use to be a therapist in a spa in my town but the she moved. So for years I compared my other therapists to Cathy but there was no comparison at all. She handles all of my concerns & put me into a complete relaxed state. I now drive from Staten Island to jersey to get the massage I deserve.

Third massage with Cat, always makes me feel amazing, but today I did 90 minutes!! It’s the only way to go. Have a sore part of your body get a large portion of that time concentrated on that problem. Followed up by the full body massage nothing like it. The girl has good hands!! I encourage you to take advantage of her skills, you will not be disappointed.

Had an issue in my mid to lower back a week before a weightlifting meet. Cat fixed the problem and I was back in the gym the next day to train. The pain gradually went away and felt better and bette the next day. A true professional!

After months of hamstring pain, I finally decided to do something about it and went to to see my friend Cat at Stress Free Body. 3 massages in and I’m already feeling a massive difference. Last visit she used Rock Tape which extended the healing process outside her studio and for the first time in months had flexibility and mobility to perform at the gym. I highly recommend Cat and can’t wait to continue my healing journey with her!