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Freedom Rocks Crystal Support 101

July 11th 2-4pm

Join us from the comfort of your own home for an Intro to crystal course in which we will be discussing how crystals can support us especially during hard times.

Just like with any spiritual practice, crystals are tools for healing. We will be focusing on crystals that can support us physically mentally and emotionally during these difficult and uncertain times. We will be studying crystals through the lens of the chakras.

Topics we will be discussing include:

1. Why and how crystals work

2. How crystals relate to the chakra system.

3. techniques for choosing the right crystals by feeling and Intuition

4. How to clean and maintain them.

*** If you have a crystal at home no matter how big or small please have it with you during the class.***

There will be plenty to see and purchase at the end of the workshop!

We appreciate your support and enjoy supporting you along your own journey!

$15 Suggested but list $5, $10, etc

Keyport Waterfront Yoga & Tai Chi

YES It’s happening! KEYPORT REC. WATERFRONT YOGA & Tai Chi!!!

We will maintain Yogi distancing!!! Season pass just $50!!! Classes begin Sunday July 12! Runs till Sept 16!!! Feel free to print out application online at home and drop off at borough hall in white drop box in main entrance *Attn Denise Nellis*

Yoga: Sundays 8am, Wednesdays 7pm  July 12th - Sept 16th
Keyport Waterfront Yoga 2020 Application

Tai Chi: Thursdays 7:15am July 16th - Sept 17th
Keyport Waterfront Tai Chi 2020 Application

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