Upcoming Events & Workshops

Beginner Series

Begins February 21, 6:00pm

New to Yoga? Start your yoga practice off on the right foot!  Join Jackie for this 6 week series, Friday's  for 60 minutes. *Bonus* Attend Unlimited Meditation classes throughout the series!

$89 Investment

SFB Winter Book Club

Thursdays 2/27 - 3/19 8-9pm, 4 gatherings 

Looking forward to you taking your seat of awareness with me Thursday evenings as we meet to discuss “The Untethered Soul”. I’m happy to announce this as another amazing book to our club! We’ll continue our inward journey while cultivating a wiser relationship not only with ourselves but with the world around us~Cat

Everyone who just wants to read the book welcome!

“You meditate so that you can have a center so that you can let go to what life is doing”~Michael Singer

***Please try to have part 1 & part 2 read by our first meeting. Pages 1-59***


Barre Pop Up

Join us March 7th 1-2pm


Barre combines a total body workout that targets multiple muscle groups, increasing your heart rate while burning fat. You will improve muscular activation for underused muscles, improve postural alignment, core strength and enhance general mobility. Barre combines elements of ballet, Pilates, yoga and functional training.  


Barre is geared for all levels of fitness. Typically a barre is used for balance and stability, with the goal to master the moves using core strength. Movements are small and easy on the joints, using muscles to the point of fatigue and released through stretching for long, lean muscles, which will increase strength and flexibility.   Classes are set to upbeat, fun music and are fun, fresh and challenging.

$20 investment 

Awaken Your Light Reiki Training: Second Attunement

March 29th 1:30-5:30pm


Reiki 2 attunement makes your Reiki 1 treatment deeper and more meaningful because it amplifies your Reiki. There is an increase in vibration, which expands your intuition. You are introduced to 3 powerful symbols. These symbols help you to connect to the mental and emotional causes of imbalances. They also allow you to send Reiki to someone not physically present.

Freedom Rocks Crystal Workshop

April 11th 2-3:30pm

Intuitive crystal healing 101

This workshop is for beginners no prior knowledge of crystals is necessary .

Just like with any spiritual practice, crystals are tools for healing. Since the very earliest civilizations and in nearly every culture, people have used crystals in everyday life. In this workshop we will be demystifying crystals, how they work and shift how we think about them! We will be studying crystals through the lens of the chakras. By the end of this workshop you will know the healing properties and meaning of any stone just by looking at its color.

Topics we will be discussing include:
1. Why and how they work
2. techniques for choosing the right crystals by feeling and Intuition
3. How to program your crystals for specific intentions.
4. How to clean and maintain them.
5. We will also be discussing body placement and how to use the stones In meditation.
Every participant will be receiving a set of 7 healing chakra stones to take home.


Awaken Your Light Reiki Training: Third Attunement

April 19th 1-5pm


In Third degree Reiki, you learn two more symbols to enhance Reiki, and psychic surgery, which is an intense spot treatment for pain/imbalances/blocks within the body. Other topics are discussed including beaming Reiki, Reiki grids, etc.

In each class, you will give and receive a Reiki treatment & attunement & manual created by Alice.

Notes from Alice:

I have learned so much more, beyond the manual that I received from my traditional Usui Reiki training. I have created my own manuals that take that original information with extra insights added in.  I look forward to sharing with you what I have learned with clarity, and care. It is time to empower, and heal one another!

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