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4 Week Beginner Series w/Cat!

Starts Sunday January 3rd 2021 8:30am!
Show up VIRTUALLY OR IN-Studio!
Whatever the reason you were brought here to inquire about a beginner series, you are here, now, and meant to be...you showed up and showing up is in fact the hardest part! The time IS now, sign up and trust you’ll get what your looking for and much much more than you thought. Showing up to your practice on your 1st day or your 3rd decade refreshes, grounds, strengthens and supports you, the whole you! “Yoga” Sanskrit meaning to yoke/unite...this small 4 letter word holds and abundance of greatness for the whole you...Body, Mind, and Spirit.

I have created this space for you, to experience, to grow, to evolve, to learn how to respond rather than react in your everyday life. Use the healthy outlets that are here for you so that you can be in a wiser relationship with all the “stuff” aka sh*t, aka stress that just comes with being human.

I am thrilled to be a part of your journey, welcome you to SFB and back hOMe to a more stress free you!

$59 investment in body, mind & spirit!


Stress Free Teens - MYndful Movement Series with Cat

Stress Free Teens - MYndful Movement Series
Starting January 3rd 2021 meets 11:30am Sundays!
4 Week Beginner Series w/Cat!

3 decades ago I began my yoga journey as a sophomore in high school. And when asked 10 years ago while in my yoga teacher training, What is yoga? I responded simply “Yoga is a way of life” So much more than just the physical practice, through the years

I owe
MY levelheadedness, MY ability to respond rather than react,
MY own self love and compassion for others
MY own inner peace and good health
to yoga and mindfulness.
Our MYndful Movement series is so much more than physical movement.
I have been fortunate enough over the years to live my dream by paying it forward, not only here at SFB, but spreading mindfulness in our local public school and high school and the surrounding area.

Stress Free Teens will receive the coping skills through mindful awareness to grow into a wiser relationship with all the stress we are meant to endure, just with less anxiety and depression and more confidence, clarity and understanding.

$59 investment VIRTUAL OR IN-Studio!

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