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Tummy Teasers with Shawnee

April 3rd In studio or Virtual

Shawnee believes all bodies are able bodied when it comes to Yoga. Even our precious mother’s to be! This local funny mom of three understands the need for safety and alignment based modifications as she has worked previously as a boot camp stroller fitness instructor to participants in their prenatal, pregnant, and post pregnancy phases of life.

Her desire for working with mothers-to- be and new moms alike stems from the lack of support Shawnee felt during her first pregnancy. Women need women!

With support from other moms and professionals, consistent quiet moments of reflection, and a physical component added into her daily routines, her two daughters came earth side drug free & pain free. A wildly different experience from her first who became a non-emergent cesarean section. Shawnee knows that medically speaking there some things one can not alter, no matter how much one tries to control the narrative, this series is for Moms looking to cultivate inner peace and a support system during their journeys in a safe & non-disruptive environment.

By incorporating learned techniques from first hand experienced teachers your giving yourself one of the best alliances within your “mothering tribe”. Join us and learn how to become more flexible in your body and mind as you nurture this beautiful spirit of life you are embodying.

Stress Free Teens - MYndful Movement Series with Cat

Stress Free Teens - MYndful Movement Series
March 21 - April 23, meets 11:30am Sundays!
6 Week Beginner Series w/Cat!

3 decades ago I began my yoga journey as a sophomore in high school. And when asked 10 years ago while in my yoga teacher training, What is yoga? I responded simply “Yoga is a way of life” So much more than just the physical practice, through the years

I owe
MY levelheadedness, MY ability to respond rather than react,
MY own self love and compassion for others
MY own inner peace and good health
to yoga and mindfulness.
Our MYndful Movement series is so much more than physical movement.
I have been fortunate enough over the years to live my dream by paying it forward, not only here at SFB, but spreading mindfulness in our local public school and high school and the surrounding area.

Stress Free Teens will receive the coping skills through mindful awareness to grow into a wiser relationship with all the stress we are meant to endure, just with less anxiety and depression and more confidence, clarity and understanding.

$89 investment VIRTUAL OR IN-Studio!

Mindful Mothering Immersion 8 Week Series with Shawnee

Starting April 8th 11am – 12:15pm  In Studio Or Virtual

Alternates weekly between Thursday and Saturdays

In addition to Shawnees Tummy Teasers Prenatal Series, Stress Free Body is so excited to be offering a spring workshop tailored for moms to aid as cushion support for their self-love practices. This series is great for first time or seasoned moms in Prenatal and Postnatal stages of pregnancy and it is greatly beneficial for mothers of all stages in hopes of bringing more peaceful moments and calmer physiological responses into their ever busy lives!
Each class is designed to appropriately guide yet challenge the changing, growing, or healing body to a place of sweet surrender.
Tapping into our bodies during motherhood is important for heading off that dreaded pandemic fatigue, bodily and environmental stressors, ego driven self-doubt, and aimless or thoughtless support.
Shawnee knows the value of having a positive and healthy motherhood tribe, this being the reason for her showing up for you in this time. Shawnee wants to support you through the challenges and daily changes that pregnancy + motherhood can bring to us all.
Series Includes:
•Styles of yoga included will be Hatha, Vinyasa, Yogalates, boot camp styled strength training, as well a Labor&Delivery safe focused classes.
•Each class will offer calming breathing techniques.
•A mindful movement practice meant to build stamina, perseverance, and serenity in times of stillness AND challenge.
•In each class we will hold short meditations, these meditations will aid in building endurance of the mind in order to remain focused in any challenging moment.
•A weekly 'Community Moments for Mindful Mothering' Zoom meetings for all series students to engage with one another outside of our sacred time on the mat. Connect, share, release together!
We will take something from the weeks class and go over it briefly and practice the pose, breath, or exercise the thoughts around the weekly themes.
Week1 4/8    - Connecting Breath & Bodily Awareness
Week2 4/17  - Build Stamina & Strength
Week3 4/22 - Mindful Mantras for Mom
Week4 5/1    - Energy Focused Movement & Healing
Week5 5/6    - Endurance for Challenging Times
Week6 5/15   - Connect to the Divine Within
Week7 5/20  - Mudras for Mindful Mothering
Week8 5/29  - Balancing Babies, Boobies, Bottles; release & have fun!
Kindly join us on your mat from the comfort of your own home or come share your beautiful energy with us in studio!

Moving Inward with Mudras with Dana

Sat April 10 11am – 1pm  In Studio Or Virtual

Mudra means "seal" or "closure" in Sanskrit.  Mudras are pure magic. A mudra is a hand position that balances energy in the body and mind. Mudras were created by ancient yogis to calm the mind, restore physical health, and optimize energy.  Dana has been practicing mudras for 7 years and they have become an integrated part of her daily routine. Each mudra could be held for 5 to 45 minutes. We will only be doing 5 minutes each mudra.

This is a meditation and discussion class.
Bring a notebook and pen if you want to write the mudras down . (So you dont forget after class). Bring water to keep hydrated. Bring something from home that will make you comfy sitting or lying down. (Blanket, pillow, favorite socks or sweater , ect….)


Healing Circle with Dana

Fri April 23 7:30 In Studio

Coming into the circle we move outside our normal sense of space and time, into a sacred space. This sacred space opens a portal allowing us to connect to a deeper wisdom within, to the power of community, love, and healing intentions around us, and to the great extent of opening transformation and healing that we might call consciousness. Bringing this creative energy down to earth, and into the situation details of our everyday lives, is the practice of The Healing Circle.

The Process of The Healing Circle:
•Awakening Heart
•Listening with Compassion
•Vulnerability & Honesty
•Letting Go

Speaking from our truth, both from our brokenness and our wholeness, we discover our present centered healing intentions. Listening to others around the circle with patience and compassion, healing begins as we drop into non-judgmental and archetypes of the human journey.

Dana will start with expressing with gratitude and mindfulness practices such as meditation, EFT (emotional freedom technique) and prayerful intention we prepare the ground for the healing circle practice.
As we prepare for awareness-insight into what we hold onto as obstacles, recurring habits, emotional patterns, and distorted projections that prevent us from moving forward. Releasing the old cloak of who we think we are, we arrive whole, in the here and now, to embody our life energy, free from the past.



Partner Yoga Series with Shawnee

Beginning May 1st, then 6/5, 7/3, 8/7  In Studio 6:15-7:30pm

You're invited to join Shawnee as she guides you and your loved one each month through Partner Poses + fun short meditations that will allow for deeper physical connection to self and one another!  Each class will have a general theme where you'll pick up a thing or two to help deepen your home practice, all while letting go of the heaviness that the world provides daily.Come have some fun with me hanging upside down & sideways with the support of your partner!

Enjoy your Spring/Summer 2021 with us at Stress Free Body where you can be just BE, inviting body & mind relaxation in a safe environment, a place where you can really just let go.

Space is limited, offered in studio only!
All levels welcome as variations will be given for safe modifications.

Cant wait to see you all!

$35 per session

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