Keyport Central 8th Grade fundraiser


An amazing fundraiser for YOU (& Your Student) to be in wise relationship with your stress & whole self while supporting our local Kids, Keyport Centrals 8th grade graduating class!

This 4 Week Series is an intro to Stress Reduction & will guide you

through a combination of healing modalities such as Mindful Movement, Massage & Mindfulness.

Beginning April 3rd running till April 27th. We’ll meet once a week Wednesdays at 4:30 or Saturdays at 11am. (Choose the weekday that works best for you)

Week 1:
Welcome meet/greet & acknowledge breath & stress in both body & mind. Learn to work with the one tool you’ll always have with you no matter where you are or what situation you are in. Learn to breathe correctly.

(Reserve your class for either April 3, or 6th)

Week 2:
Accepting/or just Acknowledging yourself where you are at. A Yin approach to Finding, Honoring & Respecting your edge, your own limitations & boundaries.  YOU are already whole & DON’T need “fixing”
(Reserve your class for either April 10 & 13)

Week 3:
More Mindful Movement paired with building strength in body & mind. Balance is something we find between Strength & Surrender, come find it with us! Learn to connect without forcing, allow without resisting.
(Reserve your class for either April 17th & 20th)

Week 4:
Learn Self Massage techniques + Mindfulness Meditation.  Learn how to use tools to release tension in both body & mind.
(Reserve your class for either April 24th & 27)

Best described as life lessons on how to BE… in wise relationship with your stress, IN your human body, mind and spirit, ON & OFF your mat.  (Limited mats available to borrow, encouraged to bring your own if you have one)

$75 for the series ALL proceeds go to Keyport Central 8th Grade Graduating class!

OPEN to ALL! Students, Parents, Teachers, Anyone with a body 😉 No prior experience necessary.

TWO for ONE SALE Parents or Teachers sign up solo or with your student for $75 total!

Reserve for the 1 day and time that works best for you each week as we will be covering the same topic both days each week.

Space is limited so sign up today!