Welcome Yogis!

Stress Free Body

So we are officially 1 week in!

I just want to say I am so grateful for each and every one of you who has walked through our doors. I truly know in my heart Stress Free Body is a powerful place meant to change the lives of all for the better. Although this dream was born 17 years ago, my journey truly started even earlier as a young child, however the universe has brought everything together at the precise time it was meant to...for me and for you. My goal has been to create a place for you to help combat every day stress. It has been my dream, it is my passion, it is your place of peace, health and clarity.

Part of offering the 30 for $39 was not just to get you in the door but to give you the chance to experience what all of our beautiful teachers have to offer. I truly encourage you to take every class, and experience every angel here.

Beginners out there...
I would like to ask for your input as I try to make our schedule suitable for you. A Beginner yoga series will begin mid-February with our very own Allison! It will be a six week series for $89 on either a Wednesday or Friday AM or PM. Yogis will have the option to commit to just 4 weeks if they prefer for $60. If you are interested in diving into a beginners only series before you sign up for classes or an unlimited membership, please respond to this email & let us know which one of those days and time may work best for you. Also keep an eye out for our exciting Friday night and weekend workshops! Kid's classes will be available in the near future so be sure to be following us on social media for latest updates!

Stress Free Body