Keyport Fest 5K Sept 22nd

SFB is Happy to be sponsoring this Fun 5k run! Be sure to sign up it’s going to be a great day!
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SFB Karma Yogi Program

We are currently looking for passionate Yogis who are interested in becoming a part of the SFB Tribe!
Become a SFB Karma Yogi by working at our studio in exchange for FREE unlimited yoga classes.

Karma Yogi Job Description

Duties include Social Media posting, manning the front desk and helping keep the studio clean as well as help with child care if/when needed. Karma Yogis must have a passion for Yoga, demonstrate trustworthiness and respect, reliability, and be punctual and accountable. You should also have exceptional customer service, communication, and organizational skills. In exchange you will receive free unlimited regularly scheduled yoga classes, as well as discounts on workshops and retail!

Please be aware that we may not currently have Karma Yogi positions available, but we may keep your application for future openings.

    Start Date

    Are you able to commit to this position for a minimum of six months?

    Please indicate which shifts you are available:
    Monday AM‎Monday PM‎Tuesday AM‎Tuesday PM‎Wednesday AM‎Wednesday PM‎Thursday AM‎Thursday PM‎Friday AM‎Friday PM‎Saturday AM‎Saturday PM‎Sunday AM‎Sunday PM‎

    Are you aware that your service is in exchange for free unlimited yoga classes?

    Are you interested in pursuing a Yoga Teacher Training program in the future?

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    Stress Free Kids – Starting June 26

    This Summer continue to get your Yoga on while you’re little one does too!

    Little Warriors childcare
    Mondays 9:30, Tuesdays 12:30, Friday 9:30
    $5 SFB members, $7 drop ins.

    Ages 5 – 12
    Tuesdays 9:30
    Wednesdays 9:30
    Thursdays 9:30

    Register now! Classes start JUNE 26 – AUG16

    FULL 8 Week Series, 2X a week $160  (16 Classes)
    4 Week Series, 2X A WEEK $88 (8 Classes)
    4 Class punch card $48
    Single drop in $14

    You decide when to start, and which classes work best for you!

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    Keyport Central Graduating Class Fundraiser – April 13, 6pm

    Please come out and support the 8th grade graduating class! All proceeds go to this years graduating class!
    Let’s help them have a GREAT Year!

    Suggested donation $10

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    What’s New

    It’s been a little over one month and we couldn’t be more pleased. We’re ready to welcome in Spring! Such an exciting first month here at Stress Free Body all thanks to you!

    We are here for you, and would love your feedback in making our schedule most ideal for you! Please drop us an email with your wishes/concerns.

    We wish to live up to our name and bring you to a more Stress Free state. Within our mission we truly hope to “quiet the mind so the soul can speak”. We take pride in helping people find, see and realize their potential, both on and off the mat…believing & trusting we all have a purpose and everything has its own purpose in life.

    Along your journey we strive to support and cultivate a healthy lifestyle while practicing awareness and acceptance that we are on our right path whatever it may be at the time, the good, the bad, the ugly. Believe, Trust & let shit go!

    There are a lot of exciting things in the works for SFB, including kid’s classes, teen meditation, FUN Friday night workshops and informative talks & events. Please follow us on Instagram/Facebook to stay in the current loop.

    Buti yoga March 16th is predicted to be a sold out event so please pre register in advance and save your spot! Word is we’ll be heading on over to Old Glory afterwards just to continue the fun! Also FYI a complete opposite night would be this coming Friday March 9th Yoga Nidra with Gina Brownfeld 6pm! Come experience the deepest relaxation of your life!

    Spread the word so we can help others live a more Stress Free life. Introductory rate of $69 for 30 days of awesomeness! Feel free to share/forward email 🙂

    See you on the mat!


    Cat 🙏💗

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    Welcome Yogis!

    Stress Free Body

    So we are officially 1 week in!

    I just want to say I am so grateful for each and every one of you who has walked through our doors. I truly know in my heart Stress Free Body is a powerful place meant to change the lives of all for the better. Although this dream was born 17 years ago, my journey truly started even earlier as a young child, however the universe has brought everything together at the precise time it was meant to...for me and for you. My goal has been to create a place for you to help combat every day stress. It has been my dream, it is my passion, it is your place of peace, health and clarity.

    Part of offering the 30 for $39 was not just to get you in the door but to give you the chance to experience what all of our beautiful teachers have to offer. I truly encourage you to take every class, and experience every angel here.

    Beginners out there...
    I would like to ask for your input as I try to make our schedule suitable for you. A Beginner yoga series will begin mid-February with our very own Allison! It will be a six week series for $89 on either a Wednesday or Friday AM or PM. Yogis will have the option to commit to just 4 weeks if they prefer for $60. If you are interested in diving into a beginners only series before you sign up for classes or an unlimited membership, please respond to this email & let us know which one of those days and time may work best for you. Also keep an eye out for our exciting Friday night and weekend workshops! Kid's classes will be available in the near future so be sure to be following us on social media for latest updates!

    Stress Free Body

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