Opening Up For In Studio Classes

Happy September to remember!

As our summer outdoor schedule winds down and with permission to open at 25% capacity we are happy to offer a modified schedule with the hopes to please as many as possible.  Our new class schedule starts September 15  With 6 IN-studio classes a week, 10-Virtual and 2 Outdoors/Out Back! Please remember we will be closed the Labor Day Week! Sept 7-12th With the exception of our Waterfront Keyport Rec classes only, they WILL be happening!
Can’t wait to see you!

***Your stress free body was and always will be our top priority.  Please continue to put value on your wellbeing, so that you can cope with all of life’s struggles.  Your body, your mind, your spirit needs and deserves your attention, especially during times like these. We’re here to keep your immunity up, your mind at ease and your spirit free! With that being said we will continue to comply with federal and state regulations as our studio re-opens. 
Listed below are specific measures we are taking and/or asking our community to practice. Please read, and know we thank you for your much needed support and understanding as we abide by these regulations for both the physical and mental health of each and every body that walks through our doors.

Our Stress Free Safety & Prevention program below is designed to protect and ease the experience for all. Please read all 6 pillars before reserving for class!

*Personal Space

All of our in person class sizes will be limited, and preregistration is a must. Students are not encouraged to just show up, as we would hate to turn you away if class is full or worse attendance was low and class was cancelled. Also please note if you register and are a no show your class pack will be deducted. So if you reserve beforehand and have to cancel let us know or simply cancel your visit online so anyone on a waitlist can show up. We wish to accommodate all wanting to show up to class.
Spacing will be marked to allow for social distancing surrounding each student. Additionally, teachers will not be providing hands-on assists or adjustments at this time. There will be no physical contact between student and teacher.

*Personal Hygiene & Health

At time of arrival we reserve the right to take temperatures, and will scan regardless how great you all look :)  Please note any temperature at 100.4 or above will not be permitted into the studios space.
Also if you are not feeling well please just stay home, there is no sweating it out or powering through amongst others. We know this is common sense but must be enforced, especially as seasons change.  We ask that anyone who is showing any cold/allergy/coughing or flu-like symptoms to rest at home or take virtual classes if you feel you must move. Please do not come to the studio to practice until you feel 100%.  If anyone is coughing or showing these symptoms in-studio, we will kindly have to ask that they leave.
Hygiene – We ask all staff and members to wipe down anything they touch with sanitizer before and after use.
Remember simplest and best prevention is to  diligently wash hands for a minimum of twenty seconds not only after using the restroom but consistently throughout the day.

*Studio Cleanliness

Be advised before & throughout this outbreak Stress Free Body disinfects daily with thorough weekly washing. Please don’t let this concern or stress you out.  This is one stressor you definitely don’t need to worry about here. We have multiple students with compromised immune systems since our doors first opened. Many consider us their safe haven and source of peace and well being, choosing to use many of our modalities offered, both online or in the studio. Cleanliness & everyone’s well being here, is, has been and always will be at our forefront.

At the beginning of each in studio class students will be given a small, personal Thieves disinfectant spray bottle (which is meant to be left at the studio at end of class) and individual disposable paper wipe for personal use, each student is responsible to dispose of their own trash.


Students are encouraged to bring their own mats, water, and props to class. Students are asked to clean props before and after class. The Studio may be limiting the number of props offered for the benefit and safety of all members and staff.

*Air Circulation

We will open our doors and windows (weather permitting) to allow fresh air to circulate through the studio. We have multiple ceiling fans, 12 windows,  front and back doors.  Remember to always wear layers so you can adjust to the rooms temperature.

*Mask Options

In accordance to current state guidelines, there are no options. Here at SFB Masks are to be worn in studio by all students and staff until federal/state guidelines say otherwise. We are aware guidelines are changing daily and are keeping up and abiding by all.

We thank you for taking the time to read and abide by our above pillars.