Mid-Day Mindful Minutes

With just 12 minutes a day Mon-Fri change not only your relationship to stress but it’s detrimental affects on your actual physical body. Down to the cellular level!

Join me and we’ll cultivate a practice where we accept stress as a challenge not a threat, and learn to respond rather than react.

Offering this low Introductory offer of just $20 a month with a 3 month commitment because we want this affordable to all.  This commitment is only meant to hold you accountable, to help keep you consistent with your practice, as we know if you really want to change your life both physically and emotionally then true consistency is critical for success.

You must make the time in order to create a habit and real change. Make 2023 thE time to commit to you and your wellbeing! Can’t wait to “see” you regularly!

Meet me virtually wherever you are at noon for just 12 minutes a day & take control over how you age, support & lengthen your health span & decrease your stress & disease span!
~Cat Galli