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Beginner Series

Jan 17th 7:15pm
Start your yoga practice off on the right foot! New to Yoga? Join Marlene for this 6 week series, Thursdays 7:15-8:15 PM
Plus Attend Unlimited Meditation classes throughout the series!

Stress Free Kids Theater Group with Christine deSimas!

Stress Free Kids Theater Group With Christine deSimas!
AGES: 8-17
LENGTH: 1 hour. 10 Weeks
CLASS DATES: Friday’s @4:30PM:
Beginning February 1-Performance Date April 5th

“Stress Free Body is Proud to Provide A Creative Stress Free Environment Meant To Empower & Thrive In...”~Cat Galli

For kids ages 8-17 who love to act, imagine, create and be with other kids who like to do the same, this is an experience they will have forever. By using acting, improv, voice technique, character study and performance, this class will show students what they are capable of. Through introducing the basics of higher level courses like Sanford Meisner and Uta Hagen, we will give them confidence to grow. By creating an encouraging and empowering environment, these kids will walk away knowing they can do anything.

Through this course, pupils will...
1. Write, Act, Improv, Dance and Perform in front of a LIVE audience.
2. Have the opportunity to create a show from the ground up.
3. Explore all different parts of creating a show both on stage and off (including writing,
directing, choreography, props, costumes and show promotion).
4. Get audition experience and guidance.
5. Learn not to overthink as we will need to make quick decisions.
6. Begin to test their limits and expand what they originally thought they could do.
7. Use their bodies as expression .
8. Use their space like never before.
9. Learn about speaking so people can hear them and other voice techniques.
10. Learn to LISTEN to others on stage.
11. Learn that theater is a team sport, where it’s all hands working together.
12. Feel confident about performing in front of an audience.
13. Feel achievement performing something created by THEM.
14. Create additional leadership and learning opportunities across the different age groups.
15. Make friends.
16. Laugh a lot.

Living a Healthy Lifestyle vs. Fad Diets & Unreasonable Expectations

Join us In this free event, and get the chance to meet and chat with Kathleen Law founder of Be Fit Well and get the scoop on some basic nutrition information!

Understand macronutrients: carbohydrates (including fiber and sugar), protein, and fat (saturated vs. unsaturated and essential fatty acids); micronutrients: vitamins and minerals; water; calories; As well as the negatives to fad dieting.

Where here to help you live your best life!

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