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Keyport Rec Water Front Yoga

Stress Free Body is excited to currently partnering up with Keyport Rec providing Yoga classes down at the waterfront every Sunday 8am, Tuesdays 7pm beginning June 23running till August 25 Just $50 for the entire season! Roll out your mat along the grass for some stress-free open air yoga! Allow the shadows of your own bridge pose cascade amongst the Outer Bridge and Verrazano backdrop at the Beautiful Keyport Waterfront!

See link below for registration form and meet us down by the gazebo with your mat, water and sunscreen! Please complete registration form and have checks made out to the borough of Keyport which can be dropped off at the borough or Stress Free Body for your convenience.

Registration Form

Stress Free Summer book club!

“The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle

Starts Tuesday July 9th-Sept 3rd 8:15pm, meets every other week for a total of 5 gatherings.  Please have the first two chapters read  when we meet for the first time on July 9th.

We’re Excited to just sit together and chat, while we discuss “The Power Of Now” and enjoy some light fare and refreshments! We’ll take a few minutes each meeting to reconnect to our body, mind and spirit. Each week we’ll focus on a particular body part, maybe we’ll stretch out our backs, or open up our shoulders, learn some self massage techniques, roll out our feet, squeeze in a mindful mediation or some Pranayama, conscious breath work.  Book clubs never felt so good!


Yoga Framework: Lower Body Mobility Workshop

Aug 16th 6:30-8:30pm
Mobility and Movement are the key to mitigating injuries, arthritis and living a healthier more accessible life. But what exactly is it? And how do we incorporate mobility training into our existing physical routine? In this workshop we will discuss the science behind the movement and mobility trend covering concepts from FRC and other lineages. You will learn how to incorporate these cutting edge concepts into your life, at class and for any level. Stop thinking you have weak joints and for that reason can’t (insert pastime favorite activity here), learn to adapt more efficiently. You’re already the most amazing machine ever made. How well are you functioning and how often are you tuning, measuring and calibrating?
Lower Limb: There will be a focus on ankle, knee and hip mobility in this workshop.

Early bird $35, $40 at Door

Yoga Framework: Handstand Workshop

December 7th, 1-3pm
Are you afraid to fly?
Has hand balancing been a mystery to you?
Are you ready to change all that?
Even if you can't jump to the wall yet, this workshop is for you.
Maybe you can get upside down on the wall and you're pretty comfortable there... but you just don't "feel' it yet.
Maybe you've been holding 3-5 second handstands... but you just can't "stick" it yet.
You can hold the handstand... but you desire more control for transitioning.
In this workshop I will take you step by step as we break down the fundamentals of a freestanding handstand and its counterparts.
We will discuss:
- how to fall safely to overcome fear
- building the pose before even taking flight
- alignment tips to manage and correct balance
You will learn the evolution of a handstand, where "you" are on the path and how to move forward..

Early bird $35, $40 at Door

Yoga Framework: Arm-balance Workshop

Jan 11th, 1-3pm
New to Arm balancing?
Learn the first steps to balancing on your hands and how to apply basic physics to help you conquer fear.
Seasoned Arm balancer?
Take your hand-balancing and mid-air transitioning to the next level. Learn and refine signature arm balances found within yoga and gymnastics.
We will identify common pitfalls and compensations that hinder flight or cause injury along the path to learning balance.
Have all your questions answered logically in this all levels welcome workshop.
Learn the physics..
Understand the core..
No more guessing..
Postures included but not limited to:
Crane (all variations)
Lolasana (planche)
Flying pigeon
Sage Poses

Early bird $35, $40 at Door

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