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SFB Holiday Bazaar

We are so excited for our second annual holiday bazaar. We have added more days and more hours! Join us for a fun night and take the stress out of holiday shopping! Forget the crazy hustle and bustle of the mall. Shop local and, support small businesses and get some unique gifts for all those on your nice list! Door prize & Raffle ticket with your Stress Free Body purchase!

December 14th from 2 to 7pm

We have a few vendor spots still available $20 a table!  Click here to for application.

Tai Chi / Qigong Question & Answer

Dec 7th 11-12:30pm

Tai Chi and Qigong have become more popular here in the Western world the last decade or two. Health professionals in the United States are realizing the benefits of tai chi and qigong in recovery from illness, injury and/or disease. The Center for Disease Control has determined tai chi to be one of the most helpful means of working on your balance and preventing falls. Tai Chi and Qigong are slow-moving activities that engage the entire body. People of all ages, all body types, all physical levels are able to participate. Have you ever wondered what Tai Chi and Qigong are all about? We are here to answer your questions, dispel myths and encourage your participation in these healthy practices.Catherine Galli, Al, and Mike Poole will lead a session of Q & A about these practices. They will demonstrate these practices and allow those attending to try it out for themselves.

This is a Free event. Registration is encouraged as spots are limited.

Yoga Framework: Handstand Workshop

December 7th, 1-3pm
Are you afraid to fly?
Has hand balancing been a mystery to you?
Are you ready to change all that?
Even if you can't jump to the wall yet, this workshop is for you.
Maybe you can get upside down on the wall and you're pretty comfortable there... but you just don't "feel' it yet.
Maybe you've been holding 3-5 second handstands... but you just can't "stick" it yet.
You can hold the handstand... but you desire more control for transitioning.
In this workshop I will take you step by step as we break down the fundamentals of a freestanding handstand and its counterparts.
We will discuss:
- how to fall safely to overcome fear
- building the pose before even taking flight
- alignment tips to manage and correct balance
You will learn the evolution of a handstand, where "you" are on the path and how to move forward..

Early bird $35, $40 at Door

Beginner Series

New to Yoga? Start your yoga practice off on the right foot! Join Jackie for this 6 week series every Friday, starting Jan 3rd, 5:45pm

Bonus: attend unlimited Meditation classes throughout the series!

Yoga Framework: Arm-balance Workshop

Jan 11th, 1-3pm
New to Arm balancing?
Learn the first steps to balancing on your hands and how to apply basic physics to help you conquer fear.
Seasoned Arm balancer?
Take your hand-balancing and mid-air transitioning to the next level. Learn and refine signature arm balances found within yoga and gymnastics.
We will identify common pitfalls and compensations that hinder flight or cause injury along the path to learning balance.
Have all your questions answered logically in this all levels welcome workshop.
Learn the physics..
Understand the core..
No more guessing..
Postures included but not limited to:
Crane (all variations)
Lolasana (planche)
Flying pigeon
Sage Poses

Early bird $35, $40 at Door

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