Catherine Galli / Founder

Cat Galli

 Swedish Institute Alumnus L.M.T.
AA Degree in Occupational Studies
NY/NJ State Licensed MT
AMTA Professional Member
Crossfit L1- Trainer
Yoga Works 200hr TT

Catherine Galli (aka Cat) was first introduced to Meditation sometime back in 1985 as a Tae Kwon Do student. It wasn't a daily practice but it was enough exposure for her to know she liked it… “Even at a young age I felt the benefits and effects of Meditation.  It was not only an outlet from the physical activity I was doing but brought a sense of peace & calming to my life that I wasn't necessarily getting at home.” A few years later as a sophomore in high school she took Yoga as what she explains “for all the wrong reasons, I didn't really know what yoga was, but heard I could “sleep” in gym class and get an easy passing grade. But it only took one class to become hooked.  The physical practice, and guided meditation was something I not only needed in my life but craved”.
As a college student she took Stress Management as an elective and laughs as she looks back on it now.  “I was just under twenty and surrounded by continuing ed students in their upper 60’s to 80’s. But again, not only was stress something I was unfortunately accustomed to but I was also aware it was unhealthy and knew that there were ways to cope and tools to combat the insanity of every day life.”
It wasn't until after collage and after working in the corporate financial world for four years that she decided to make a major career change. “As an active Massage therapist since 2001, I still love what I do.  My life path, the journey and interactions with all the good and not so good is what has led me here today. I am beyond excited to be able to bring all the modalities that I so wholeheartedly believe in to every body in stress.”
Fun Facts
- Along my journey I found a way to follow another passion and studied mosaics abroad/Italy.  As a mosaic artist I have some public pieces here in Keyport. Check out face book-Mosaics by Cat Galli
- I'm a level 1 Crossfit trainer and I love to sprinkle in the benefits of yoga in my classes for my athletes.
- As a lifter I enjoy training and participating in sanctioned Olympic lift competitions.

American Massage Therapy Association Member RockTape


Alice loves teaching yoga to all ages. She began her yoga journey in 2001, and her personal practice led her to earn certification from Ashram Yoga in 2015, as taught by Lili Avery. In her mindful flow of poses, she creates a safe space for students to connect to the stillness within. Alice also teaches children’s yoga, and is a Reiki Master Teacher. She believes yoga is the perfect tool to uplift ones spirit, calm the mind, and nurture the body.


A fitness enthusiast from a young age, Allison’s yoga practice began over 20 years ago when working at a gym in the World Trade Center, it wasn’t’ until she sought refuge at a local NJ studio to find peace and quiet while dealing with PTSD, depression and anxiety, did she begin to experience and understand the spiritual and emotional benefits of yoga and meditation.

Over the years, she has turned to her practice again and again to heal from physical injuries as well as emotional ones.

After surgery for a herniated disc left her sidelined in 2009, her yoga practice took on new meaning with a focus on alignment and form to create stability while increasing flexibility and strength throughout the body and mind.

Allison teaches classes that embody both the physical and spiritual components of yoga. Relating with what we are able to learn on the mat and how we can carry it into our lives. She loves helping others create and connect with the tools that help us live happier more fulfilling lives.

When not practicing, she loves to spend time with her daughter & husband, play with her dog (and other peoples dogs), read and people watch.


Melissa is a mother to four children ages 7-14 and has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. She is honored to share her love of yoga & meditation with babies, kids and adults. Certified through Childlight Yoga, Melissa has taught several yoga series at the local elementary school, in her own home studio and at Bella Buddha in Belmar. She has studied with Jyothi Larson in her Yoga Mama, Buddha Baby course for new moms. Melissa is also a Young Living Independent Distributor and loves to share natures living energy AKA Essential Oils with her yogis and community.


RYT 200 Hours

Emily was a weekend warrior for years. She was surprised to learn that yoga is not just for the body as a form of exercise but an aid in calming the mind to find ultimate stillness. Using the body and breath to bring peace to the mind is the ultimate goal to achieving true joy. She implements Patanjali’s Eightfold Path of Yoga into her classes. With a background in art and music, Emily's approach to teaching yoga is always creative and spiritually fulfilling. Her goal is to share and spread the positive effects yoga has had on her. Hoping to ignite the same passion in others. She is currently working towards her 500 hour training at Lauphing Lotus. She has completed restorative 25 hour level 1, 25 hour Ayurveda training, and currently enrolled in level 2 restorative.


RYT 200, Yin and Reiki level 1 & 2

Marlene’s love of teaching yoga stems from her desire to share what has brought her to a better understanding of wholeness. Not just the desire to look better, but to incorporate whole body wellness. After  years of painful injuries, yoga has kept her fit, pain free and enthusiastic to learn more.

Marlene is an artist and began her career as an embroidery and applique designer working directly  with design houses in the garment district. After 13 years, she left her career and stayed home to raise her two boys.  When she decided to return to work, she wanted to do something that would allow her to be around for her children. That’s when life brought her down a different path. She took a job working  with children with special needs, assisting them with academics and therapy needs. A rewarding, challenging, emotional and sometimes stressful job. Deciding to pursue her yoga teaching certification stemmed from that need to learn to connect with herself, deepen her practice and to also bring yoga to her young students. Marlene enjoys creating  yoga sequences that are interesting and creative. Her classes concentrate on flexibility, balance, and core work, the foundation of yoga. She emphasizes proper alignment and deeply cares about giving her students an enjoyable, safe, and uplifting experience. Marlene believes “The limitations we have are not roadblocks, but merely detours to open us up to a different path.  A journey we take for ourselves, but end up together.”


Jackie’s introduction to yoga began in 2009 before her feet even touched a mat when she took an Asian studies class called “Zen and Yoga” as an elective at Seton Hall University. There she learned yogic philosophy and read Deepak Chopra’s “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success,” which changed her life and set her on the path to a physical yoga practice. Jackie received her 200 hour teacher training back in 2014 from Soul Power Yoga in Marlboro and has been teaching in the area ever since. She believes yoga is for everyone & her classes always focus on breath. Jackie lives in Keyport with her fiancé Nick and 2 cats, Marv & Arnie.


Terry Mares has followed a daily, dedicated meditation practice since March 2016. He came to mindfulness in an effort to lessen the effects of anger, frustration, and anxiety, in his own life. Since he established his practice, he has learned to respond as opposed to react. That has resulted in not only making him more calm and patient, but also more focused. He continues to learn about approaches to mindfulness through books, periodicals, and online resources and seminars, believing that you can never stop learning new methods to improve your practice. Because mindfulness has worked for him, he is happy & willing to share its gifts with others.

Besides mindfulness, Terry loves a wide variety of music, gardening, cooking, and reading.

Judy Banks


Owner at Balance Your Life
Chopra Certified Master Educator
Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga Instructor

Judy is a Chopra Center Master Educator, having completed The Perfect Health Ayurvedic Lifestyle Program, Primordial Sound Meditation Instruction, and the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga (200 hour) teacher training at Chopra Center University in Carlsbad, California.  Judy is humbled to share the traditions of her teachers:  Deepak Chopra, David Simon, DavidJi, Claire Diab, Mary Ann Lynch Gebhardt and all her powerful teachers and guides.  She continued her practice and received her 500-hour Yoga teacher certification with Claire Diab (creator of the Chopra Center’s yoga program) at the American Yoga Academy in Summit, New Jersey.

She is a National Strength and Conditioning Personal Trainer (NSCA) and a Massage Therapist licensed by the New Jersey State Board of Nursing.  She received her certification as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and is registered with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.
The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga is based on the book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra.  These “laws” teach us that harmony, happiness, and abundance are available to anyone willing to embrace a consciousness-based approach to life.  Each class is infused with a different law empowering us to create a more mindful approach to our days.

Judy concentrates on balance and relaxation techniques including mindful-movement, and a practice that is centered on breath awareness and focused attention.  Each class is infused with a different law to create a meaningful and grounding experience.  Her teaching style is enjoyable, calming, uplifting, and compassionate.  She believes that each student comes to the mat in a different place, having different needs and varying spiritual and philosophical beliefs and that learning to respect that individuality is the true definition of yoga.
Her goal is to inspire and empower her students to explore all aspects of yoga, both on and off the mat, in order to create a balanced and stress-free life amidst the often the chaotic pace of the 21st century.