CBD Oil Q & A + Gentle Restorative Yoga

Get the scoop on the latest buzz word CBD! Find out its many benefits, where it comes from, why it’s been under the radar and why to consider it. This is the perfect time of year to slow down, connect and heal naturally!
Debra Muller, Cat Galli and Emily Sobel are joining forces to bring you the scoop & a gentle/restorative CBD oil Yoga workshop.

Debra will lead us into a discussion highlighting CBD with time for questions & answers. We will explore where CBD actually comes from, how it interacts with your body, how to use it, where to get it, and what’s legal.
Enjoy a CBD oil application for pain management, taste and sample the gummies and an infused CBD fruit smoothie, stick around and end with a gentle flow that transitions into restorative yoga.
$25 early bird special,  $30 week of.

Join us in one of three sessions: